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India’s First Elephant Hospital Opens For Business

India's first elephant hospital opens for business


Medical staff at the hospital receive elephants who have been released from captivity where they suffered years of abuse and brutality and are afflicted with lameness, blindness, abscess, and arthritis. The place is equipped with hi-tech equipment such as digital X-Rays and advanced tranquillization equipment.

Kartick Satyanarayan, the co-founder of Wildlife SOS, said the hospital would not only treat the pachyderms that have been abused during the course of their lives but also become a centre for learning for students interested in wildlife conservation.

The hospital, on the banks of river Yamuna, is close to an elephant conservation and care centre run by Wildlife SOS that is home to 22 elephants and would eventually be expanded to take care of nearly 50 pachyderms.

After they recover from long-term medical procedures and critical care, the elephants will be transferred to the conservation and care centre.


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