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Indian Women Use This Miraculous Lotion To Grow Hair In 5 Days, You Will Be Surprised By The Result!!

Long, smooth and shiny, the hair of Indian women makes us dream. They use natural recipes and 100% effective to have shiny hair and in full shape. In this article, we reveal the Indian secrets to have longer and thicker hair in 5 days.


Here’s How to use Coconut:

Heat the coconut oil
Heat a spoonful of coconut oil over a low heat. Avoid using a microwave.
Moisten your hair with warm water
Put a towel in hot water and make a steam bath for the hair before applying coconut oil to your hair
Massage the scalp
Massage for at least three minutes your Scalp by making light circular movements with the fingertips to get the maximum effect.
Wait for
30 minutes.
Gently rinse your hair with water, coconut oil will make your hair soft and silky.



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