Indian Cop’s Viral Facebook Post Calls Out a Sexist article on ‘The Most Beautiful’ Police Officers

Merin Joseph, a police offer from the southern Indian state of Kerala, recently slammed a sexist article written by a vernacular Hindi website in India on the “10 most beautiful IAS and IPS officers in India”.

In her now-viral Facebook post, Joseph, an assistant superintendent of police in Munnar, slams the Indian press for the objectification of women and for reducing their work and professional achievements to their looks.


“This perfectly sums up what is wrong with the press in India, especially the vernacular press. Shameless objectification of women and propagation of patriarchal structures, reducing a lady’s worth to her face value,” Joseph wrote.

While the article has since been taken down, Joseph’s post has gone viral with over 2,300 likes. “Have you ever wondered why we never see a list of the most handsome males in the IAS and IPS?” Joseph asks in the end.

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