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India: These Brave Ladies Open A Cafe For Acid Attack Victims Like Them (Photos)

Over the last few months, acid attacks have multiplied throughout the world. In England, police figures show that acid attacks have more than doubled since 2012. It is legal in several countries to buy this strong acid that aims to destroy the faces of victims.

However, governments have been called upon to tighten regulations, making it increasingly difficult to acquire this substance.

In South Asia, this practice is particularly frequent. Women and children are the main targets. Each attack ends with a nitric or sulfuric acid on the face, leaving the victims completely stared at. In many cases, unable to cope with this situation, these victims end up taking their own lives.But as her attacks intensify throughout the world, courageous women rise to face the situation and face life.

This is the case of five women in Agra, India who, after overcoming their attack have opened a cafe called “Shero Hangout”.

Located in the city of Taj Mahal, these women have succeeded in attracting other victims of acid attacks who spend time with them in their cafe. They learn to rebuild their lives again.

These Brave Women Have Opened A Cafe In India For Victims Of Acid Attacks


The “Shero Hangout” was opened by and for the survivors of these terrifying attacks. The café offers food and drink to the victims, and it is also an information center with a library.

This safe haven has a community radio station and exhibition space where women can exhibit their artwork.

These Brave Women Have Opened A Cafe In India For Victims Of Acid Attacks

To sensitize others, some survivors shared their horrific stories and how they overcame this ordeal.

These Brave Women Have Opened A Cafe In India For Victims Of Acid Attacks

Today, people come from all over the world to visit the “Shero Hangout”.


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