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India Allegedly Cancels Scholarships of 2,000 Ghanaian Students Over Removal of Gandhi’s Statue

A scholarship scheme by the Indian Government aimed at honouring Indian independence leader, has cancelled scholarships for nearly 2,000 Ghanaian students studying in India.

The cancellation of the scholarship comes after a statue of Mahatma Gandhi was removed from the University of Ghana campus.

A statement issued by the Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship Secretariat said “Ghanaians cannot continue to enjoy a scheme set to honour someone they describe as racist, someone they hate to see his statue”.


The Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship provides selected students all over the globe with full bursary throughout a University education in India and partner universities across the globe which includes three Ivy League schools.

The affected students have launched a petition to have the statue re-mounted on the University of Ghana campus.



Written by How Africa


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  1. So that means they’re forcing the nation to change their belief, let them take their scholarship, those kids have learned something already about racism, how bad it can be.

  2. Leeto, it’s alright for you to sit down and say they should stuff their scholarship but think about the hard working students who are halfway through their studies and are now having them terminated through no fault of theirs.

  3. Ohooo Ghana hmmmm it is sad but as we always say , no 9 no 10 Indians are 100% right Ghanaians should stop the hit and have changed of attitudes. Rest my case.

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