Incredible: This is Hussein Ali, the Perfect Look-alike of Egyptian Mohamed Salah

With a black beard and curly hair, Hussein Ali is, in addition to Mohamed Salah’s perfect look-alike, a big fan of the Egyptian. At 20, this Iraqi resident of Baghdad is very often stopped by supporters of Liverpool for a selfie.

This resemblance is all the more striking because the Iraqi has been called by Hussein Mohamed Salah by his neighbors for several years. At first, he took these allegations as “the joke” but as the comments multiplied, he realized that he was the look-alike of the Liverpool striker.

Iraqi footballer Hussein Ali, who plays for the Iraqi Al-Zawraa FC and is a lookalike of Liverpool’s Egyptian forward Mohamed Salah, trains with his team in the capital Baghdad, on June 3, 2018.
With his black beard, curly hair and football shirt, Iraqi striker Hussein Ali is often mistaken for one of the world’s top players: Egypt’s Mohamed Salah. / AFP PHOTO / SABAH ARAR

AFP Photo

Football lover, even his coach Adnane Mohammad thought he had Mohamed Salah on his team the first time he showed up.

“At the first training, he introduced himself and told me ‘Hussein Ali’. I said ‘No, no, you are Mohamed Salah’. “

Endless selfies

For Hussein Ali, force is to perfect his image because his double, Mohamed Salah, became the best African player. Which earned him more notoriety, who sees him as the “number one footballer for all Arabs”.


AFP Photo

The man says that every time he goes out, people want to take pictures with him, especially when Liverpool is playing.

In addition, the young Iraqi likes to wear the red jersey Liverpool. “Be careful, it’s the real shirt, bought from an official supplier,” he says proudly.

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Often, he is arrested in public places and a crowd is quickly created around him.

“When we played against the Lebanese club al-Ahed, I spent an hour and a half taking pictures with people in the audience,” he said.

His biggest dream, to photograph with the real Mohamed Salah. “Maybe he will invite me to the World Cup in Russia! He hopes.


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