Incredible Story Of Cameroon’s Tsafak George: Deceived By His Wife, He Decides To Abandon Everything, To Live With His Pig!!

The breeding of pigs is a gain in the western region of Cameroon and more precisely has exchanged.

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It is in this perspective that Mr. Tsafak George, after raising his pig for 4 years has had some affection towards the latter.

“This pig is everything for me; He is my family, my source of income and much more my heritage …  ” he said.

At the fury, and as time passed, he became more and more jealous of his beast of such a sign that he even spent the night with the latter.

Last month the pig gave birth to about 10 piglets and Mr. Tsafak said that these piglets represent his children whose the pig is their mother and my wife.Until now, he has abandoned his house and his conjugal room to stay with his pig on the ground of infidelity of his wife.

This incredible story left many Cameroonian perplexed and speechless.

Source: Africa24

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