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Incredible!! Some Where In Africa, A Nightclub Reportedly Discovered Under A Grave!

While the cemetery serves some as a place of mourning and meditation, others have seen it as a place of depravity par excellence. Indeed, the rumor has been running for some time that a bar-dancing would be housed in a cellar of a cemetery of the District of Abidjan in Cote d’Ivoire and would be frequented by the “rich” of the city.

According to one source, this bar-dancing would indeed exist and would be regularly frequented by night owls considered as well-off people of the country.


According to our colleague of South Info, who also addressed the subject, this bar was discovered during a visit to the graves of two relatives. Those of a lady and her daughter aged only 9 years. According to him, he would have intercepted an information, according to which there would be a bar-dancing in a vault with the green surface. It was with a clear heart that he approached a man of about forty years who was not far from the famous cellar.

And the man to entrust to him this: “My friends, you see how people have money in Abidjan. But, this is nothing compared to the inside. There, there is a basement where is housed a bar. People come here over a few weekends, enter for hours before coming out late. As it belongs to them, no one dares to say anything and everybody lets do “. The witness also revealed how the discovery of this place was made.

“At first, no one knew it. It was in the long run that I personally knew it. But since we do not belong to the same religion, I have refrained from approaching or denouncing them. The problem is that they do not know that there is at least someone who now knows what they are doing there, “the journalist reported, according to what the man told him. “

Source: Africeleb


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