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Incredible: Kenyan Student Invents A Drone For Agricultural Research

The African creative genius continues to prove itself, allowing the continent to be at the forefront of technology. A young Kenyan has just completed a remarkable feat. 

This is Arnold Bett, student of the University of Nairobi and researcher in electronics, which has developed a drone.

The UAV is powered by rechargeable batteries, has a range of 200 meters high, weighs 2.5 kg and can carry a standard camera with special sensors.

To test the performance of its Bett drone has been used to gather valuable data on potato growing in neighboring Tanzania.

The researchers say the Octocopter has identified 14 varieties of sweet potatoes in fields in Mwanza, Tanzania through remote sensing UAV.

This innovation in data collection was hailed as “revolutionary” by researchers because “it costs less, provides more information and allows scientists to analyze large-scale projects without the use of satellites.”

The drones can detect diseased or poor areas in water crops, which can help map the irrigation systems, the researchers said.


With the ambition to market, Bett has also presented his masterpiece at an exhibition of recent innovations in Nairobi, in the presence of the Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta, who, he says, was surprised he could not fly the craft locally.

“The president was impressed with our technology. The only thing he has not really understood is that we do in Tanzania and in part because we do not have licenses to fly drones in Kenya but it is very easy to obtain a permit in Tanzania and this is just our biggest challenge, “said Bett, cited by Africa News.

Indeed, Bett is not allowed to fly its drone in Kenya, even though he was able to use it in Tanzania, says the online newspaper.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Kenya (KCAA) should draft regulations governing the use of drones to Kenya. Currently for operating a drone, you must obtain permission from the KCAA and the Ministry of Defence.

Strongly that the Kenyan authorities to legislate quickly on the use of drones over the territory, for public and commercial use.

Source: Africatopsuccess


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