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In USA: A Black Woman Steals Eggs From A Supermarket, The Police Officer’s Impressive Reaction Will Move You To Tears!! So Touching…..

Here is a story that has particularly affected several Internet users. The incident took place in the United States a few months ago. A very broke mother, without a penny, stole a few eggs from a supermarket.

While she was committing this package, she was filmed by video surveillance of the supermarket. The facts were later revealed to the police. A few hours later, police officers went to her house to apprehend her and take her to the police station so that she could answer for her actions.

The police having landed at her home, an agent began a conversation with the thieving mother:

The policeman asked her, “What have you stolen?” She replied: “only five eggs to feed my children”

The policeman took her back to the supermarket, paid the penalty for the offense, and bought food in abundance. She began to cry and said, “Sir, that’s too much of what you buy me”


The policeman replied, “Sometimes we should not apply the law, but we must apply the principles of humanity.”

1A Black Woman Steals Eggs From A Supermarket, The Police Officer’s Impressive Reaction Will Move To Tears

It must be said that sometimes the law is not always the solution to try to restore order, or to solve the problems of humanity. And this lady was lucky enough to come across a policeman who understood that. This woman did not fly to sell or to get rich a little more, but to meet the vital needs of her family

She just stole five eggs because she had nothing left to eat. She just wanted to feed and feed her family. It is true that she could have asked, instead of stealing. But the policeman closed his eyes to this awkwardness. He thought especially of the solution of the problem, not the condemnation of this woman.


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