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In Uganda: Concern Arises About The Increasing Number Of Chinese Men Marrying Off Their Women!!


Chinese are taking discernible populace rate in Uganda. Individuals can travel a large number of miles inside a brief period because of globalization. There is increased in the exchange of ideas and technology across nations. Uganda is a developing nation and need infrastructural advancements. The Chinese have taken the upside of the African circumstance, offering them shabby deals. Their noticeable contributions in Uganda and East Africa include; Uganda’s Mandela National Stadium, Entebbe-Kampala highway, Thika super highway and the standard gauge railway both in Kenya.


Chinese has seen opportunities in construction, large investments in manufacturing industries and thus devising means of acquiring citizenship. They are going as far as hawking. There are different ways of acquiring Ugandan citizenship, among them is through marriage. Marriage makes it easier to acquire citizenship since it is provided for by the constitution. With Ugandan citizenship they can be involved in activities like farming, importing cheap goods from China and compete for the same jobs as Ugandans.

The main problem with this marriage is the economic impact. Competition on already limited resources escalates the unemployment problem. The imports will crumble the Ugandan factories due to unfair competition. There will be an imbalance between imports and exports weakening the Ugandan shilling against U.S Dollar.


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