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In Togo: Here Is How Young People Make Money At Every Street Protest

The demonstrations have become quite common in Togo that small details escape more than one. Could you imagine for one second that street demonstrations organized by the opposition can not create wealth? You Missed! You have seriously mistaken. One we recall that during street demonstrations, young people, become all excited, come out with piles of worn tires they burn. This is nothing trivial or gratuitous.

Each tire contains copper and we know what it is a metal, they are very expensive. A kg of copper costs at least 2000 F in Togo. The calculation is simple: if you burn two tires and only one makes 2 kg of copper, it gives 8 kg which is equivalent to 16000 F. This is not nothing in these times of crisis when business is slow.


Some even will be able to go further by taking advantage of the situation to get out their tires and burn because in normal times, it could embarrass the entourage. In other words, it is almost impossible to wake up and take out a tire and burn it just to extract metal. Many passers-by and neighbors will be so frustrated that the case ends up in the hands of a commissioner. Which is impossible when all good becomes possible in time of manifestations.

That’s how people get rich after every street protest. The proof, some time after, it is very rare to find traces of these brass on the roads. Next time, experience!


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