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In This African Country, Women Are Entitled To One Day Off Per Month For Their Menstruation!!

Sure that this decision unique in the world has not finished making noise. In Zambia, since 1 January, women employees are entitled to one day of rest per month on the grounds of their menstruation! Progress of the feminist cause or hindrance to economic life? On the spot, the debate is far from settled.

This new law is motivated by medical reasons. The idea being to keep women at a time when pain, bleeding and mood make their lives a little more complicated …

In Zambia, this measure was called “Mothers’ Day” but, of course, it applies to all female employees, whether mothers or not. However, all are not in favor …

The BBC quotes in particular Mutinta Musokotwane, a mother of three children particularly unfavorable to “Mothers Day”:

“Personally, I do not believe in it, and I would not take this leave.” Rules are a normal thing for the female body, such as pregnancy or childbirth. ‘There’s no way to prove that you actually have your period.’


Another unfavorable one is that of the economic milieu. Indeed, many business leaders believe that this measure (which implies twelve days of extra leave per female employee) will affect their organization, their activities and their economic performance.

But regardless of these fears, the law will impose itself on all, and those who do not respect it will be able to be prosecuted by their employees.

However, the latter must also be exemplary. Joyce Nonde-Simukoko, Minister of Labor, still on the BBC’s microphone:

“If you take your day and you are seen in a discotheque, the holiday will not be accepted, you must not leave the city, go to the hairdresser, or shop. Been seen doing farm work after leaving, has already been dismissed. “

Would such a measure be welcomed in France? Anyway, it is certain that it would make debate!


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