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“In The World, There Are About 7000 People With Blue Blood Tint” – New Study!

An English girl Polly Neti (12) is an ordinary girl except that her blood is blue … At birth, the hospital blood center assured parents that the child will develop normally. When asked why the blood is blue? The answer was unexpected …

The reason for this condition was the contraceptive pill that the girl’s mother took for several years before her pregnancy. Polly’s Doctor, a professor at the Hematology Center, explained: “In the world, there are about 7,000 people whose blood has a blue tint.”

The iron in their blood is replaced by copper, but without changing the functions, the blue-violet color comes from the mixture of copper and iron.

Scientists explain the appearance of cyanotic people by the laws of evolution.
In the case of natural disasters or environmental changes, or epidemics, when “normal”, “transformed” death remains alive and creates new populations.

Cyanotic people do not suffer from the usual blood diseases – bacteria do not attack copper cells. Blue blood coagulates faster and even severe wounds do not cause bleeding.

It turns out that the expression “blue blood” – is a sign of noble origin – is not accidental.Some of the noble knights, of the early noble families, were in fact mad. It was because of their copper armor.

The professor also stressed that blue blood is the development of blood. Blue blood is not attacked by germs and clots 3 times faster than normal blood.

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