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In The World Of Emmanuel Adébayor!! He Talks About The Cost Of All His Luxurious Cars & Why He Bought Them (VIDEO)

The Togolese footballer, Emmanuel Adébayor, is probably part of these accomplished and rich soccer players. For those who doubt it, here is the evidence in the first episode of ‘REVEALED’ presented by Bola Ray.

‘Revealed’ is a Ghanaian television show that deals with the lifestyle of rich men and influential people in society, and also how they live.

Emmanuel Adebayor

 Emmanuel Adebayor

In the first episode of the show, Bola Ray and his team traveled to Togo to learn about the luxurious lifestyle of footballer Emmanuel Adebayor. We see his fleet of cars, his mansion in Togo and all these things that many of us dream about.

 Emmanuel Adebayor

Speaking to Bola Ray, Adébayor mentioned that the legacy he would want to leave behind when he leaves one day is that people can say that because of him, they are what they are Today and that its impact on their lives has created a difference.

 Emmanuel Adebayor

Adebayor also revealed the costs of some of his luxurious cars in his mansion. He revealed that his customized G-Wagon costs about £ 185,000. His Rolls Royce Phantom cost £ 295,000. He also revealed where he bought all the cars and what drives him to buy them.

 Emmanuel Adebayor

Looking at the video, it inspires to know how the 33-year-old footballer has acquired all this luxury. The rest of his luxurious lifestyle will be shown in episode 2.

 Emmanuel Adebayor

Watch the video of episode 1 below:


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