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In The US!! International Cannabis Church Reportedly Opens In Colorado!! (VIDEO)

A church for marijuana lovers will soon make its grand opening in Denver, Colorado’s capital in the US, on April 20 (World Grass Day).

The new church known as the International Cannabis Church has taken over an ancient Christian church building and claims to be the first big place in the world where cannabis can be legally consumed in a social environment.

The church says it “will offer a home everywhere to adults who seek to create the best version of themselves, ie who want to improve, through the sacred plant.”


Church members call themselves elevators, founder member Steve Berke through the church website said,
“Our life is that an individual’s spiritual journey, and the search for meaning, Of self-discovery which can be accelerated with the ritual use of cannabis. The elevators do not claim any divine authority nor an authoritarian structure, so all those of other religious and cultural denominations are welcome in our chapel and can participate in our celebrations.

The group is trying to raise $ 100,000 to repair and improve the 113-year-old church to make it accessible to people with disabilities.


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