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In The United States: New Private Autopsy Shows That Keith Scott Was Killed By Four Police Bullets!!

A private autopsy shows that African American shot by police in Charlotte, North Carolina died of multiple gunshot wounds in the back and abdomen. Meanwhile, the official investigation patina.

An independent autopsy was conducted at the request of the family of Keith Scott, after the medical examiner’s office Mecklenburg County, Charlotte, refused to publish the result of its own forensic examination.


Lawyers representing the wife of Keith Scott have them published the results of the autopsy on 12 October. The latter was conducted by specialized private clinic Newberry Pathology Associates, South Carolina.


The autopsy showed that the death of Keith Scott was a homicide and that it was caused by “two gunshot wounds in the back and abdomen.”

“Keith Scott was shot three times in the back, top left, one in the lower abdomen and left wrist,” according to the autopsy report, indicating that the victim also suffered “fractures ribs and vertebrae. ”


One of the lawyers representing the wife of Keith Scott said that his client was forced to seek an independent autopsy, the medical examiner’s office had “refused to publish vital information.”

“The Scott family authorized the disclosure of the report of the autopsy because, as they have maintained from the beginning, they just seek transparency,” said the lawyer.

The man named Keith Scott was killed September 20 by the City of Charlotte police officer, sparking days of violent protests. The agent responsible for his death is currently paid administrative leave while the investigation hardly make any light on the matter.


This new blunder occurred at a time when the anti-police sentiment is already particularly high in the United States because of an accumulation of tragic incidents in which unarmed African Americans were shot dead by police, including those last months.

Source: RT in French


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