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In The United States, A Black Man Was Killed By Police During A Traffic Stop

The incident occurred Friday in Tusla, Oklahoma. In the images filmed by a helicopter, the victim seems disarmed. The mayor promised a fair investigation while protesters have already gathered outside the courthouse.

It is an event that revives the debate around the issue of race in the United States. Friday 17 September, the forces of Tulsa (Oklahoma), were mobilized because of a locked vehicle on the road. The owner of the car, a black man, cooperating – it throws up his hands – and unarmed, was killed by police.

Filmed from a helicopter of the police, and a police car, the two videos released Monday show Terence Crutcher, 40, trying to raise his hands, and heading to his vehicle blocking the road.We hear a male voice say that “it has its hands in the air”, but that “it looks like a bad guy and prepares maybe something.” A few minutes later, the father was shot by Betty Shelby, a police officer.

A few hours later, Jeanne MacKenzie, the police spokesman, told the press that Terence Crutcher had refused to obey the orders of the two officers. A version contradicted by footage shot and then by the Police Chief Chuck Jordan. He said no weapons were found on the victim or inside the vehicle. He added that the light would be shed on this affair: “We will do what it takes, we will not hide anything I hope everyone will go ahead and keep the peace..”

Sunday afternoon, the videos were shown to the family. Relatives of the victim and their lawyers were particularly angered by the audio recordings that describe Terence Crutcher as a “big bad guy”. “We will protest. We will do what we have to do, but we will do so peacefully,” said her twin sister, Tiffany Crutcher. “We asked for answers, she has the video speaks for itself, added. The” big bad guy “was a father and a son. He was enrolled at the University of Tulsa, because he said will make us proud. ”

“An epidemic that extends throughout America”


A criminal investigation was opened by the Ministry of Justice. The two agents on site were placed on administrative leave. According to the New York Times , counsel for Betty Shelby explained that his client had thought the man was armed, and he refused to comply. Benjamin L. Crump, a family lawyer, Terence Crutcher placed the matter in the same context as that of the death of hundreds of African Americans, killed by police in the United States. “This problem is not related to Tulsa, or even Oklahoma. It’s an epidemic that extends throughout America. Who are we as the United States remains plagued by this kind of questioning ? ” Mayor Dewey F. Bartlett Jr., has meanwhile promised a fair investigation: “This city will be transparent This city will not cover anything this city is going to do exactly what is necessary for everyone’s rights are protected…”


The death of Terence Crutcher, father of four children, student and parishioner, caused many reactions. Dozens of protesters gathered outside the courthouse, demanding reforms in the police. The Associated Press reported: “The protesters carried placards that read” Justice for Crutcher Do not shoot “” “On that of a young boy, one could read.”!

According to the Washington Post , Terence Crutcher is one of 680 people shot by US police in 2016. Among them, 161 were African American.

Source: Le Figaro


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