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In the Sahara, is a strange and mysterious place where the old rest in peace

Both solemn and mysterious, cemeteries are rarely far from civilization. Those are peaceful places survives the memory of ancestors. This is why the cemetery of the region of Erg Chebbi has something magical.

This Muslim cemetery is located on the outskirts of Merzouga, about 50 kms from the border with Algeria in the Moroccan High Atlas

Merzouga is known for its sand dunes that are among the highest in Morocco. This village is located near the largest erg (dune desert) of Morocco, Erg Chebbi.


According to the ritual, the right flank of the sober Muslim graves is oriented towards Mecca



The tombs are decorated in a very subtle way. Green is usually associated with Islam.


This unnamed cemetery is located in the heart of Morocco, in the beautiful region of Erg Chebbi


The Erg Chebbi dunes firgurent among the most impressive dunes of the Sahara

Some dunes rising to 150 meters high. They extend out of sight between the Ziz Valley and the Algerian border.


Let the elders rest in peace.

Source: Afrizap


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