In The Coldest Village In The World, Life In Siberia Normally Runs At -62 ° C (PHOTOS)

In Oimiakon, a Siberian village, the cold is a companion to which locals are accustomed. So even when the thermometer goes below -62 ° C, everyone goes to their routine most naturally in the world.

The Russian village of Oïmiakon gives full meaning to the expression “a Siberian cold”. Regarded as the world’s coldest permanently inhabited place, after entering the record books on a 1933 day when the temperature did not exceed -68 ° C, the village did not fail to reputation this winter.

The Siberian Times  reported on January 15 that the village’s electronic thermometer recently recorded a temperature of -62 ° C. But the regional news site notes that the exact temperature reached is potentially lower still, the thermometer having broken because of the cold …

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Some residents say they recorded temperatures of -67 ° C on their properties, close to the record. Only Antarctica can boast of an even less mild climate.

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This does not preclude villagers from going about their daily activities, used to dealing with such conditions. A nine-year-old boy, for example, is working on the maintenance of a horse’s dress. “For us, these temperatures are usual. It is strange that journalists are calling to ask how we live. I answer: “Come and see, we lead an ordinary life,” says Semyon Vinokourov.

“-47 ° C, 15-20 minutes of walking and you have a natural mascara on your lashes,” laughed another resident, publishing a picture of her lashes completely frozen.

If people live with these polar temperatures to face them often, they do not scare some tourists. Four reckless Chinese did not hesitate to treat themselves to an invigorating bath in the village river.


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