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In Sierra Leone: It Is Now Forbidden To Jog On The Streets!!

Sierra Leone, a country in West Africa, now prohibits its population from jogging in the streets.

The reason, according to the authorities of the country, the followers of this sport cause too much damage. Obstruction of traffic, insults, vehicle degradation, among others.

At weekends in particular, security forces have also seen an increasing number of attacks on private property, not to mention the high-volume music broadcast by the riders, a police spokesman said , Michael Kelly Dumbuya.


Since July 27, the practice of street jogging is therefore “prohibited”, according to the police, which wants to guarantee the security of “peaceful citizens”.

Mohamed Kamara, a Freetown official, said the measure was too harsh and assured that there were no major incidents involving joggers.


“In general, groups are formed with young people from the neighborhood on weekends. We run to the beach, where we play football, then we go home quietly, “he told local media, pointing out that racing and football had helped to lift many young people out of violence.

For some, the origin of the measure indicated by the authorities is elsewhere.

Some politicians with presidential ambitions have organized their own joggings in Freetown and Makeni (center), during which their supporters wear t-shirts with the colors of political parties.

In March the Ministry of Education had already banned the practice of sport in primary and secondary schools in Freetown after incidents involving the death of a student.

A human rights NGO, CHRDI, asked the police in a statement to ensure that the ban on street jogging was in accordance with national and international law.

“We will not hesitate to act in accordance with the law for offenders,” said the police spokesman.

The decision raised a grumbling about social networks.

“How will they ensure security in the 2018 elections if they are not able to guarantee it for the majority of young people who just want to play sports in a country where access to recreational areas is limited, ‘Is interviewed on Facebook a television personality, Amadu Lamarana Bah.


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