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In Senegal: This Is The New Product That Replaces Men In Bed!! Completely devastating!

“Tobacco”! This is the name of the new product that is all the rage in Dakar.

To manage the loneliness of an absent husband and to raise the temperature, some Senegalese women appeal to “Tobacco”. But to get there, you have to be careful. It will be necessary to introduce, with the aid of his fingers, a fine quantity of the powder in question in its intimate parts.

And 15 minutes later, the woman begins to regain her “sensations”. “After half an hour of use, the feeling that seizes the woman who uses this magic potion is that of a person who has just made love with her partner.


This is how it takes a long sleep to regain its spirits, “explain users of” tobacco “.

And in this lucrative “market”, it is the saleswomen who rub their hands. “To dispose of it, one must know the distribution channels. Prices are within everyone’s reach. The portion is measured with a teaspoon and the price varies between 300 and 500 CFA francs.

Thanks to this trade, most sellers are able to earn a living, “says one saleswoman.

Product made from a plant that grows in the Casamance forests, the “Tobacco”, has known its letters of nobility in Guinea Bissau, before landing in Senegal.

“I get all kinds of clients, married women, girls and students. It’s a very flourishing business, and I’m doing very well. My most regular clients are married women, but especially the women of the immigrants. In any case, it suits them very well, since their husbands are far from them and they have physiological needs that they can not satisfy.

I do not know the effect of this product because I have never used it. But one thing is certain, if it were not as efficient, the demand would fall considerably; Which is not the case, “says another vendor of” Tobacco “on condition of anonymity.

According to some men, “Tobacco” is simply a “drug”. For them, this could even push women to leave their partner.


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