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In Russia: A Volleyball Player Was Expelled From A Plane!! The reason will shock you…. (Photos)


Prior to embarking, passengers on the airliners of the Russian low-cost airline “Podeba”, a subsidiary of Aeroflot, are regularly subjected to severe restrictions on the volume and content of their Luggage. For this time, the managers of this company have just pushed the cork a little further by expelling a passenger.

Several media, including the huffingtonpost, report that it is because of the size of the latter. The volleyball player Alexander Kimerov of the Fakel team of Novy Urengoy (Siberia) was forced to leave the plane from Moscow because he was found to be excessively large.

According to the personnel on board, the 20-year-old volleyball player blocked the passage in the corridor of the aircraft with his long legs. The personnel on board had to contact the police to force Alexander Kimerov to get off the plane. Three uniformed officers then came to grab the young man to expel him manu militari.


Despite the protests of the giant, the officials did not reverse their decision. Even his proposal to pay an extra extra pocket to be able to sit in the row of the emergency exit, a little more spaced, did not arrange the business. The company remained inflexible, despite the fact that the player, who was also a member of the national team, had already borrowed this airline several times.

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Alexander Volkov, his former teammate at Dynamo Moscow immortalized the images with images, we can see the young player trying to negotiate with the police. “Behave as a man and free your seat,” the police replied, details the newspaper – The Siberian Times.

“As a law-abiding citizen, I finally agreed to go out, even though I did not commit any offense,” Kimerov later revealed on the official website of his club. A few hours later, the player was able to embark for Moscow on another flight with the rest of the team, which he had chosen to precede with some staff members “for personal reasons”.


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