In Preparation for the United States, Iran Unveils First-ever Fighter Jet

Iran has unveiled its first national design and manufacturing fighter aircraft dubbed “Kowsar” during a parade in Tehran. The plane made its first public flight at Tuesday’s ceremony in the presence of President Hassan Rouhani, Defense Minister Brigadier Amir Hatami and other senior military officials.

President Rouhani was sitting in the cockpit to command the flight.

The Tasnim news agency reported that the fourth-generation Iranian fighter jet is equipped with “advanced avionics and fire control systems” and can be used for short air support missions.


It also utilizes digital military data networks, multi-purpose digital monitors, ballistic computing computers, and intelligent mobile mapping systems. The jet has an advanced radar system allowing it to detect enemy targets. It is also equipped with a head-up display or HUD, which promotes precision targeting.

According to the Fars news agency, the aircraft can be manufactured in both single and double cockpit types. The new defense achievement was unveiled on the eve of the day of the national defense industry in Iran.

In recent years, Iran has made major advances in its defense sector and achieved self-sufficiency in the production of military equipment and materials despite sanctions and economic pressures on the country. The Islamic Republic asserts that its military power is solely for defensive purposes and poses no threat to other nations.


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