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In Photos: Prince of Malabo, Teodorin Obiang Displays His Luxury Lifestyle Yet Again After Acquittal in Switzerland

Accustomed to escapades and known for his immoderate taste for money, Teodorin Obiang will have left an indelible mark on the socio-political life of Equatorial Guinea. Champion of legal setbacks, the vice president who likes to perform, was acquitted in Switzerland in the case known as “Property ill-gotten”.

Protected by his diplomatic immunity, the untouchable Teodorin is behaving as if it were certain that he will one day succeed his father, who has led Equatorial Guinea with an iron fist for 39 years. 

Clichés and videos in which he stages his extravagant lifestyle on social networks, discover: yachts, private jets, money cases, motorcycles, luxury vehicles, evenings watered … which punctuate his diplomatic journeys.

Here is a selection of images highlighting his life as “prince” and the list of his property considered ill-gotten:


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