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In Photos: Meet The 30 Most Beautiful Ethiopian Women In The World!!

Located on the eastern coast of the continent of Africa, Ethiopia is bordered by countries such as Somalia, Kenya, Eritrea, and the Sudan. Ethiopia is home to a rich and beautiful culture steeped in history. Many agree that some of the most beautiful African women come from the country of Ethiopia.

Due their stature, body type, and bone structure Ethiopian women have long been held in high esteem by the fashion industry and modeling community. This is why you will notice that this list of 30 of the most beautiful Ethiopian women contains so many models and beauty queens.

30 Most Beautiful Ethiopian Women

Here are the 30 most beautiful Ethiopian Women in the world. These numbers are not intended as a ranking system. This is not a count down or a review on whom is the most beautiful out of the 30. Each woman is beautiful in her own natural way and displays how strikingly beautiful Ethiopian women can be.

1. Yordanos Teshager (super model)

Yordi2 | How Africa News

2 Helen Getachew (Miss Ethiopia Universe 2012)

Miss universe3 cover | How Africa News

3. Gelila Bekele (model and social activist)

Bzipfdriqaadvim | How Africa News

4. Bewunetwa Abebe (model)

Bewunetwa2babebe2b252842529 | How Africa News

5. Liya Afa (model)

500full estub suki afa | How Africa News

6. Zewdy Awalom (Ethiopian American singer)

784zewdy | How Africa News

7. Belean Getachew (model)

Cxv wcywkaatirj | How Africa News

8. Sara Nuru (model in Germany)

Sara nuru 02 | How Africa News

9. Melkam Micael Endala (Miss Ethiopia 2010)

1737882 586276668116049 780254289 n | How Africa News

10. Eyaluta Seifu (model)

25kk8ix | How Africa News

11. Tirunesh Dibaba (long distance track runner, current Olympic champion in the 10,000 meter, winner of 4 world track titles and 5 world cross titles)

Tiruneshdibabaiaafworldathleticschampionshipsl8zwzcou4kdl | How Africa News

12. Fershgenet Melaku (rapper, model, actress)

Angel | How Africa News

13. Yityish “Titi” Aynaw (Miss Israel 2013, born in Ethiopia emigrated to Israel)

Miss israel yityish e2809ctitie2809d aynaw israele28099s public relations dream come true 1024x538 | How Africa News

14. Liya Kebede (model, clothing designer)

2152973de95c4c4b5e0e2cd684cf8cca | How Africa News

15. Tegest Mesfin (model)

7 | How Africa News

16. Hiwot Assefa Tesfaye (Miss Intercontinental Africa 2009, Miss Ethiopia World 2010)

Maxresdefault | How Africa News

17. Dina Fekadu (Miss Ethiopia 2006)

4187127 640px | How Africa News

18. Lydia Asghedom (model, Finalist America’s Next Top Model 2008)

Ethio x | How Africa News

19. Israela Avtau (model)

Medium portrait | How Africa News

20. Blen Getahun (model)

Gelila bekele | How Africa News

21. Tahounia Rubel (model in Israel, TV personality)

Tumblr n2r4xarnbc1r961bco1 1280 | How Africa News

22. Sayat Demissie (model, singer, actress)

Sayat demissie tumblr ll0ref5bow1qgp32u | How Africa News

23. Senait Gidey (model in Canada)

Mataano resort 2016 campaign zen magazine africa 3 | How Africa News

24. Zeudi Araya (Italian actress of Ethiopian descent)

662full zeudi araya cristaldi | How Africa News

25. Mearg “Magi” Tareke (super model)

Mearg tareke 00 | How Africa News

26. Melat Yanti (model, singer)

Melat2 inside | How Africa News

27. Jiitu Abraham (model)

2014071411333139943 | How Africa News

28. Joy Suzanne Grazer (Photography model)

W50wg1opcjeijci1 | How Africa News

29. Rahel Debebe (Miss Ethiopia contestant)

Loxaire rahel hejira 3 | How Africa News

30. Mhadere Tigabe (run way model)

H4yb1daepe7cepcd | How Africa News


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