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In Photos: Meet Nokulunga Buthelezi; The Amazing Serpent Woman Of Africa!!


Seeing is believing! Hearing this story, it may seem like an invention to you, or a legend, when you are told that there is someone who can twist his body in different forms.

Although it is understandable that some people have very flexible bodies that they can handle at will, because of the series of exercises they do, we must also understand that some people are naturally flexible or flexible. Some people have gifts from which they can do everything with their bodies regardless of any training.

Woman snake

This is why very often, when we see the latter perform some acrobatics that seem surrealist to us, we are surprised, because it goes beyond our understanding.

Woman snake

Some people simply do not have the courage to watch these acrobats in full performance because they say that these extremely flexible people are not human since their body can be assimilated to a rubber that expands and returns to its original form.


But when it comes to the acrobat called ‘woman snake’ from Africa, you will be totally surprised.

The snake woman is a South African and she goes by the Nokulunga Buthelezi who is better known as Lunga because of her ability to twist her body. She can bend her body incredibly. You will believe that she has no bones at all throughout the body.

Woman snake

She has won the hearts of many people inside and outside the African continent. She is gifted and unique. She is able to twist her body in extraordinary shapes and positions with little or no effort.

Woman snake

The clothes she wears are similar to the skin of snakes, making her more slippery when she changes position. This African got her title thanks to this unique talent that she possesses.

According to the snake woman of Africa, her ability to twist in these positions, she was inherited from her grandmother. Even if she never had the chance to know her. Several people told her that she had the ability to do everything the young woman does with her body today.




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