In Photos: MD Helicopters Unveils World’s Deadliest Attack Helicopter

MD Helicopters has revealed one of the world’s deadliest attack helicopters, dubbed the MD 969 Twin Attack Helicopter.

The attack copter features a custom Common Launch Tube (CLT) system, designed by Systima Technologies.

Lynn Tilton, Chief Executive Officer for MD Helicopters, said: “Powerful, agile and elegant, the MD 969 is first and foremost an advanced twin-engine light attack helicopter that delivers impressive endurance, speed, maneuverability, and unmatched safety.

“With the integration of this innovative and adaptable Common Launch Tube System – a capability not currently offered on any light attack helicopter – the MD 969 will be a true force multiplier; creating the performance and capability benchmark for future twin-engine light attack helicopter advancements.”

The CLT system can be configured with up to seven lightweight AGM-176 Griffin missiles, making it one of the deadliest helicopters of its type.

The CLT system.

Tom Prenzlow, President of Systima Technologies, said: “The CLT is part of a flexible, roll-on/roll-off launch system that is easily integrated into existing platforms.

“The highly capable launcher has already allowed SOCOM forces to rapidly field a wide range of precision weapons and sensors necessary to support their people.

“We’re excited to be working with MD Helicopters to bring this level of mission flexibility to the MD 969 Twin Attack Helicopter.”

Aside from munitions, the helicopter can also launch ground sensors and sonobuoys, as well as small unmanned aerial vehicles.

It has seven laser guided missiles.

Together, these systems can help to improve situational awareness for both ground and air-based warfighters.


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