In Photos: Check Out 21 Black Celebs You May Not Know Are Of Caribbean Descent!!

UsherSinger Usher’s father is from Haiti.
beyonce flaunt 3  Superstar singer Beyonce’s father, Mathew Knowles, is Bahamian. Zoe SaldanaActress Zoe Saldana’s mother has Haitian roots.
TygaL.A. rapper Tyga’s father is from Jamaica. Bobby SchmurdaRapper Bobby Shmurda is “Jamaican.” louis-farrakhanMinister Louis Farrakhan’s father is from Jamaica. MyaSinger Mya’s father is Jamaican.

Luther CampbellRapper Uncle Luke has a Jamaican father. Tyson BeckfordModel Tyson Beckford’s parents are from Jamaica. He lived in Jamaica from when he was an infant until he was 7 years old. pepaSandra “Pepa” Denton, of the pioneer rap group Salt-N-Pepa, was born in Kingston, Jamaica. colin-powell.jpgw560Former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s mother and father are Jamaican.


Patrick EwingFormer NBA star Patrick Ewing was born in Jamaica. bushwick billRapper Bushwick Bill was born in Kingston, Jamaica. naomi campbellModel Naomi Campbell’s parents are from Jamaica. Big E LangstonWWE intercontinental champion Big E Langston’s parents are from Jamaica.

AstroRapper Astro’s mother is Jamaican. caribe ben gordon 1NBA player Ben Gordon’s mother and father are from Jamaica.

Harry Belafonte (Wien 2011)The mother of political activist Harry Belafonte is from Jamaica. DJ Kool HercThe founder of hip-hop music, DJ Kool Herc, was born in Kingston, Jamaica. Camille McDonaldBoth parents of model Camille McDonald are Jamaican. Busta-Rhymes-Azealia-Banks-Partition-RemixRapper Busta Rhymes has Jamaican parents.


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