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In Photos: 17 Hottest Ladies In Police Uniform. See Which African Country Has The Most Beautiful Officers!!

Police traditionally accepted only men to work in it. Women got to be secretaries or other helpers, but not the cops. However, things change and see what these ladies do and how hot they look in the uniform! 17 countries presented!

Which country and its police has the hottest women?

Take a look at these photos. It’s up to you to decide!

1. Nigeria

Women here are very curvy and the uniform makes them look even hotter! Ladies in uniform surely attract attention on the streets and become the headturners!

2. Australia

This girl’s name is Pia Miller and she combines two professions. One of a police woman and the other one of model! She loves both jobs and helps women to attain career success in police.

3. Germany

Adrienne Koleszar is not just an officer. She is a senior officer, but people on Instagram have made her a star. Some men even beg her to arrest them!

4. Lithuania

Over 30 percent of all the workers of police here are women! And these ladies know how to look hot in the uniform!

5. USA

This country has a long history of women working in police. The first one got hired there in 1910! And they do look sexy!

6. Russia

These women do not seem to be rough or tough and one of them has even become a beauty queen. However, they are strong and sexy at the same time. These girls know how to use guns!

7. Jordan

This Muslim country has become the first one in the Islamic world to hire women in police. They started doing it back in 1972. Now these ladies even provide the border security and patrol the streets.

8. Dominican Republic


This country is famous for the high level of crimes committed against women, so ladies mainly serve here in tourist police.

9. China

This girl is one of the women who serve in police in China. Her name is Anyue County. They say she is so cute and charming that criminals rarely fight her, but if they do, she is quite capable to make an arrest.

10. Chile

This country has started to take women in over 50 years ago. Now they are the full fledged officers patrolling the streets. This girl looks a bit like a terminator, but a sexy one.

11. UK

Almost one third of the workers there are women. And they are hugely enjoying their work. They also look cute in the uniform.

12. The Netherlands

Her name is Nochtli Peralta Alvarez and she must be one of the hottest police women ever! She loves sports and currently has become one of the Instagram stars. She has become a model, but she used to patrol the streets all the time.

13. Malaysia

In this country women have become officers of police back in 1948. First 7 women joined the police forth and many more have followed.

14. Japan

For a long while women here were allowed to direct traffic and they had to wear only skirts. But things are changing. Still, in the skirts they do look hot.

15. Iraq

These women are tough, but their eyes are kind and they remain ladies, eager for male attention

16. Kenya

Ladies in Nairobi often times patrol the streets or do other police jobs and they look sexy in the uniform.

17. Poland

A year ago this country has gotten the first female chief of police. These hot blondies know how to handle criminals, but remain hot.

It’s only up to you to decide in which country women in police the ones wearing uniform is the sexiest!


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