In Minnesota: Racist Bus Driver Dumps Kids Midway!

A Minnesota racist bus driver is under investigation for kicking 20 Horizon Middle School children off the bus and yelling racial slurs at them.

Moorhead schools is investigating after a racist bus driver got upset with a bus full of middle school students and forced them to get out of the bus and left them stranded on the side of the road, according to WDAY 6.

Today, some of those students say the bus driver also yelled racial slurs at them.

He said, you guys can get off my bus and walk home. I’m not driving you guys home,” said Deshanna Dotson, student.

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Minn. Bus Driver Uses Racial Slurs Before Kicking Kids off the Bus Leaving them Stranded  @TheRoot


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Horizon Middle Schooler, DeShanna Dotson said her racist bus driver left her and about 20 classmates at the 2500 block of 12th Avenue South around 4:15 p.m. Tuesday.

“It was kind of in a scary area, too.

“He dropped them off in the industrial park. It’s not a safe area, there’s no sidewalks to walk on,” said Stacy Olson, Deshanna’s mother.

Moorhead Superintendent Lynne Kovash says the school was notified around 4:30 p.m.

We did find that there were students that were misbehaving on the bus. I think the bus driver just kind of got fed up,” said Lynne Kovash, Moorhead Schools superintendent.

DeShanna’s mother says she can’t believe what happened..

If you can’t control yourself for the little time you do drive the bus, then you shouldn’t be working there,” said Olson.

DeShanna says the bus driver was shouting racial slurs.

He called us the ‘n-word’ when we got off the bus,” said DeShanna, The Root reports.

At no point, even if the children were bad, should they have been called any racist name,” said Olson, DeShanna’s mom.

The school system notes that the driver is a contractor and is not employed by Moorhead Schools and will no longer be driving with the school system.



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Student forced off Moorhead school bus says driver used racial slurs 

Photo published for Student forced off Moorhead school bus says driver used racial...

Student forced off Moorhead school bus says driver used racial…

Moorhead, MN (WDAY TV) – Moorhead schools is investigating after a bus driver got upset with a bus full of middle school students and forced them to get out of the bus and left them stranded on the…


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It makes your heart sink thinking of what could have happened,” said Olson.

Another Moorhead parent is furious after a bus driver allegedly used racial slurs, then kicked kids off the bus, leaving them stranded in the cold near 25th Street South and 12th Avenue South in Moorhead, the Valley News states.

VanRaden was upset after his daughter told him what happened on the school bus Tuesday afternoon.

According to VanRaden’s daughter, it was just another day on the bus, until a verbal exchange started between two students and the driver.

Not only did he utilize the n-word towards those two individuals, but he called the rest of the kids on the bus, she said the a-word,” VanRaden said.

The bus driver did the wrong thing, but there were also students that were misbehaving on the bus and we want to have a safe bus ride for all the students,” Kovash said.

She says the school has made reports to the state department and the county and they will continue to investigate.

Transportation on the bus is a privilege, it is not a right of a student to have transportation on a bus. So one of the things coming out of this is we need to investigate those students that were involved in this,” Kovash said.

VanRaden says the situation could have been handled differently.

I understand that sometimes things get heated and I understand that sometimes things get stressful, but that’s when a person needs to step back, take a breath. If he needed to leave the bus, leave the bus, but wait for some sort of safe transportation to come,” VanRaden said.

We reached out to Red River Trails, the busing subcontractor who the driver works with for a comment, but haven’t heard back.

Moorhead Public Schools says they will speak with the children who were on the bus on Monday.

Unfortunately, some people are not only ignorant but also shameless; they don’t understand that kids are just kids and their behavior is not defined by skin color. Putting innocent children through such an obnoxious treatment isn’t acceptable by all standards. This racist bus driver needs to pay the full penalty for his irrational attitude towards the helpless small ones.


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