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In Libya: Young African Migrant Killed By Smugglers Because Of Baseball Cap!!

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An adolescent migrant who was trying to reach Europe via Libya was shot dead by traffickers of human beings who wanted his baseball cap.

Indeed, the young man of Gambian nationality was killed on the beach by smugglers. His body was transported aboard a ship that saved 560 migrants, all of whom were in makeshift boats off the coast of Libya.


Pictures show migrants in tears after seeing the murder. The latter had to travel with the corpse when they left the relief ship, the Phoenix, in Catania, on the island of Sicily.
Another teenager was shot in the stomach, but he was taken in by the doctors and, according to sources, he was in a stable state.

The victim’s body was transported in a container.
A priest then prayed for the body while the Italian police formed a circle around him.
The migrants were traveling on two large rubber boats and five small woods when they were rescued, the Italian Coast Guard said.


The Italian Navy and Coast Guard vessels have participated in the rescue with two other humanitarian ships, according to their spokesmen.


Regina Catrambone, who founded MOAS with her husband Christopher, told Radio 1.
”  This is the way migrants are treated in Libya, yet people are telling us that we should send them back there .” “Putting aside the fact that it is illegal to force asylum seekers back to a country where they are exposed to persecution, we are not going to look at each other’s arms as people continue to be treated In this way or are forced to risk their lives at sea ” 

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