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In Guinea!! Meet Diaryatou Bah: “My Childhood Was Stolen. I Was Excised At 8 Years Old And Forcibly Married At 13!”  

Excised at 8 in Guinea, forcibly married at 13, Diaryatou Bah militates against s’exual mutilation and calls on men to testify.

Employed in France in an association that helps the excluded and women in fragility, Diaryatou Bah released in 2006 a book entitled “I was robbed my childhood” to denounce the practice of excision.

She is now committed to alerting the risks to adolescents who spend their holidays in their parents’ country of origin. She shares her painful experience.

“I was asked to follow a woman in a room and we were dressed in a simple loincloth. Nobody told me what was going to happen, I was held arms, legs and excised, “the 31-year-old told AFP.

“The cry of excision is a cry of pain that one can never forget,” continues Diaryatou, arrived in France at the age of 17 years.

The ambassador of the prevention campaign called “Excision, let’s talk about it! “Recalls that at the time, in her village,” if a girl was not excised, it was not normal. ”



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