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In full safari, these tourists were far from thinking approach the animals so close

Safari, you probably imagine equipped with binoculars to spot any wild animal, and ready to seize the slightest opportunity to capture the moment with your camera. It is rare to see the animals up close. So you can imagine the surprise of this group of tourists was attacked by cheetahs.

This incredible encounter, although slightly scary for tourists, was held in the reserve Masai Mara, Kenya.

A cheetah has suddenly approached the 4 × 4 with a tour group.




He was quickly joined by other cheetahs that are installed on the roof of the vehicle.

Facing a formidable animal, better to stay calm …

… Although basically, tourist can do absolutely nothing!

The tourist above an Irish says he feared the cheetah decides to sit on his lap for a nap.This is a safari that is not likely to forget anytime soon.


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