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In China, The Divine Monkey Who Predicted The Victory Of Trump, Predicted The Victory Of Navy The Pen!!

He had already foreseen Portugal’s victory at Euro 2016, and the victory of Trump: Geda, a Chinese monkey, now on a triumph of Marine Le Pen Sunday in the French presidential, if the park is believed Where the animal exercises its divinatory talents.

After Paul the octopus, who had been able to predict the results of many matches of the 2010 World Cup, Geda, whose name may mean “knot” or “goosebumps” A line of animals to the presumed gifts of clairvoyance.

In the presence of life-size photos of Emmanuel Macron and his opponent Marine the pen, the quadrumana chose “after mature reflection” the candidate of the FN.

Geda (pronounced “Gueu-da”) took the opportunity to congratulate the winner, whom he kissed on the mouth, as evidenced by photos broadcast by the establishment, while polls gives emmanuel macron defeat the ballot.

The 5-year-old primate had already predicted Portugal’s victory over France last July, two days before the Euro football final. He had then resolutely devoured the banana which was presented to him on a Portuguese flag, ignoring that which was on a French flag.

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