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In Chicago: A Revolutionary Pastor Defends Disadvantaged African Americans!!

The arrows of Santa Sabina church stand tall in the South Side neighborhood where the population is 90% African Americans. The daily violence, clashes between gangs, drug addiction, illiteracy and unemployment are the lot of the community, one of the poorest in Chicago.His spiritual guide is a white pastor, as energetic ironic. A controversial figure … Activist of the first hour for civil rights, it is committed to the time when, teenager, he saw Martin Luther King being attacked by whites in the neighborhood where he grew up. Father Michael Pfleger has always remained true to its principles, which earned him to receive threats and be excluded from the influence of the city areas. But it became a kind of icon of the struggle against violence, the scourge of the streets of Chicago.

Over a glass of Santa Sabina church, the sign “peace and love” comes the message “children have the right to grow.”

Spike Lee has even hired John Cusack to embody in his film about Chicago Chi-Raq. In his office, the walls are covered with pictures representing the biggest civil rights and African-American culture as Jesse Jackson, Coretta Scott King or Desmond Tutu. Under the picture of Martin Luther King is that of KO inflicted by Cassius Clay to Sonny Liston (Barack Obama was the same in his Senate office). Admittedly, the Pfleger father is a fighter. Imagine a white man who managed to forget his skin color and his flock who preaches like a black pastor, with an energetic style and sermons marking the assistance. A life of struggle and denouncing the injustice that inspires respect.

Pfleger The father explains his action, which is twofold. Helping First, with schools, adult education, housing for the homeless, hot meals, clothing and detoxification. then act, thanks to the activism: the fight against the sale of objects used for drug use, against advertisements on alcohol and tobacco, and control the quality of food sold in shops. But the pastor seeks above all to include everyone in its action, both gangs, which he learned the language and codes, or prostitutes. And always in strict compliance with the law. Today, its priority is to explain to people how to vote. Thus, to slide his ballot, you must be registered.

How do you see this election?

It is essential that people go vote. I never tell them who to vote for, it would be an insult. But I much criticism Trump expressing what is worst in the country. The population is disappointed with the government, and I am too, but we must not let our frustration we exclude the political process. For primary, I supported Bernie Sanders, but it’s not him who is running for the presidency.

“We made a big mistake in 2008, we fought to elect Obama, then we waited to act”

If Hillary Clinton is elected, what will happen?

We made a big mistake in 2008, we fought to elect Obama, then we waited to act. We must not release pressure, even after the elections.What also concerns me is these people to whom Trump gave the floor. They will not disappear after the vote. There, among whites, diffuse the idea that Trump wants to be their last chance to regain power in the United States. And that terrifies me. If nothing is done, there will be race riots in the next five years. Younger generations will not accept to undergo what their parents suffered. Thank heaven.

And the Church?

The Church has abandoned America, the poor and unreached account. She was tempted by money. However, the Pope appeals to me because it gave the poor in the foreground . But many bishops do not like his speech. I hope he will live long enough to appoint people who put their vision application. Because today it is not.

The Pfleger father arise. Under the table his dog, a cocker spaniel, was alive. And his name is … Justice.

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