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In Benin: Short-stay Visa Is Now Abolished For Nationals Of These 31 African Countries!! See if your country is affected…

The Beninese authorities decided last weekend to exempt the nationals of 31 African countries, as promised by President Patrice Talon, of a visa to enter the country. This exemption applies to stays of less than 90 days.

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The head of state, Patrice Talon, announced this last August during a visit to Rwanda: he was considering the abolition of visas for Africans.

“Based on the experience of Rwanda, I have decided that Benin will no longer require a visa from Africans.” South-South cooperation can have real meaning. “My hope is that cooperation between Rwanda and Benin Can serve as an example, “Beninese president said.

It is now done, all proportions kept. According to a document of the Consulate General of Benin in Paris, dated January 10, 2017, nationals of 31 countries of the continent are now exempt from visa for Benin, for stays of a duration not exceeding 90 days.

Visas of courtesy

Until the measure is applicable at all the airports concerned, the persons concerned, in addition to the already exempted nationals of the Community of West African States, may nevertheless be required to withdraw a courtesy visa , Free.

Since January 1, 2013, to travel to Rwanda, nationals of African countries are also exempt from visa application procedures. However, they must receive an entry visa at any Rwandan border crossing. This is an approach that the Burundians, the Congolese (DR Congo), the Kenyans, the South Africans, the Ugandans, the Tanzanians and the Mauritians are dispensed with.

By Mathieu Olivier

Source: eburnienews

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