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In Angola!! President Jose Eduardo dos Santos’ Death Rumor: Opposition Calls For Clarity On His Health!!

Angola’s President’s demise gossip is the most recent in various death rumors concerning noticeable African personalities that have turned out to be typical as of late.

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President Jose Eduardo dos Santos, 74, has been far from his nation for about three weeks. State media affirmed that he traveled on May 2 and Isabel dos Santos, his compelling daughter, has needed to step up to the bat this week to deny rumors that the President has kicked the bucket in Spain.

Isabel dos Santos took to her Instagram account to complain;

“Someone has gone so low as to invent information about the death of a man in order to create confusion and turmoil in Angolan politics,”

Angola’s opposition called on Wednesday for an official clarification of the health of the President. Rafael Savimbi, a senior figure in UNITA, the main opposition party, told AFP;

“We are all concerned about the lack of official information on the health of the president,”

A political analyst that is close to the opposition, Agostinho dos Santos, said “serious and clear explanations” were needed after reports of the president’s health troubles and rumors of his death surfaced.

Angola's President's Death Rumor

What started up Angola’s President’s death rumor

Maka Angola, an opposition news website said that the president was “between life and death in a private clinic in Barcelona.” The reports were believable considering the fact that late last year, the ruling MPLA was forced to issue a statement denying reports that he was ill and criticizing social media messages.

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There is also the fact that despite controlling the country with a firm hand, the president has been rarely seen in public and has reportedly received cancer treatment in Barcelona over several years. Bento Kangamba dos Santos, a senior member of the MPLA, told local media;

“We must remain calm and not disseminate irresponsible information,”

Luckily, President Dos Santos is not planning on ruling for much longer. He has already chosen, Joao Lourenco, the current defense minister as his successor in elections that are coming up in August.

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