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In Abidjan, Ivory Coast, “90% of Calls to Firefighters are False Alerts”

Abidjan populations should benefit from civics lessons, if we stick to the observation of the city prefect. For Vincent Toh Bi Irié, 90% of calls made to firefighters are false alerts.

It is via his facebook page that Vincent Toh Bi Irié shared his rage against the attitude of his fellow citizens towards the military firefighters of Abidjan.


“At least 90% of calls to the emergency number of the Military Firefighters of Abidjan are made up of false calls, that is to say false alerts, jokes or games. It’s incredible ! “Lamented the prefect of Abidjan, after feedback from the base of the Indénié.

For the head of the administration of Abidjan, “these indelicate calls prevent the firefighters from doing their job and saving the lives of people in distress”, adding that the incivism of the inhabitants under his administrative responsibility had overstepped the limits.

Vincent Toh Bi Irié finally threatened to arrest the perpetrators of these acts.


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