In A “Very Warm” Letter, Kim Jong-un Offers Donald Trump a New Meeting

According to Washington, Kim Jong-un sent Donald Trump a letter in which he offers him a new meeting. Since this summer, the US administration has expressed disappointment with the North Korean denuclearization efforts.

The White House said on September 10 that US President Donald Trump had received a “very warm” and “very positive” missive from North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. “The main purpose of the letter was to organize a new meeting with the president. We are open to it and we have already begun to co-ordinate [for such a summit], “said US presidential spokeswoman Sarah Sanders.


According to her, “this letter is a new proof of progress in the relationship” between the two countries. Sarah Sanders also praised North Korea’s “progress” on denuclearization and said that the  9th September intercontinental missile military parade in Pyongyang was “a pledge of good faith” in the process. nuclear disarmament.

The Trump administration, which had been optimistic since the historic 12 June summit in Singapore , had for the first time expressed its dissatisfaction by canceling a trip to Pyongyang in late August from US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. It considered the progress made on denuclearization insufficient. 


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