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‘Impatience’: This Cameroonian Lady Expresses Her Regret After Leaving Samuel Eto’o At The Very Early Stage

We call her Josiane this young lady we can see alongside Samuel Eto’o in the picture. According to several concordant testimonies to the New-bell district in Douala, the young lady would have flirted with the former striker of FC Barcelona, several years ago while the latter was still a young amateur player playing in the local championship of his country, Cameroon.

Having found that the young footballer still had the limited means, Josiane would not have had patience with Samuel Eto’o. She had not believed for a moment that the young man sitting next to her would become one of the richest footballers in the world today.

Today, Josiane does not hide her regret at having quickly dropped Samuel Eto’o. Confiding in a former dynamo player from Douala, Josiane told the latter that she would have liked to be the wife of Samuel Eto’o but she was not patient.


Her regret wouldn’t be stronger when she realizes that Samuel Eto’o’s career is successful and that she would have benefited from the fruits if she had been patient. Today, Josiane is forced to do the housework to make ends meet. She only waved for the trophy that to tell everyone that she flirted with Samuel Eto’o.

On Facebook, a fan of Samuel Eto’o wrote Monday, December 11, 2017 to Josiane ”   Josiane now you go down you say that you were out with eto’o yes it’s true but you did not tell us why you have dropped .. !!and now here you are playing the maids to survive !! While it was enough for you a little patience !! “


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