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Immigration: “Three-quarters of the Illegals Who Enter France Are Certain of Being Able to Stay There”. – Survey

Three-quarters of the illegals who enter France are certain of being able to stay there. As for asylum, it should break all records in 2018, with about 130,000 requests to be heard, counting the “Dublines”.

The migratory file will quickly impose on the agenda of Christophe Castaner as it is explosive. The new minister must at all costs ensure that the firm speech preached at the Elysee quickly finds a concrete translation in the results of his ministry. Especially on the eve of future elections, with a national rally reinvigorated and very offensive on these topics. […]

The year 2018 should therefore break all records, with about 130,000 requests in total. Requests whose financial cost has become almost a state secret.

In 2013, however, for “only” 66,000 requests, the bill had been assessed by the Court of Auditors at one billion euros. To which we must add another billion euros to integrate the cost of rejected who do not return to their country of origin.


The host of Beauvau will have his eyes fixed on the dashboard supposed to measure the effects of the law Collomb on asylum and immigration voted last July, especially in the matter of removal of illegals. But modesty is essential in this exercise in which France depends above all on the goodwill of the source countries of immigration who never give up their consular passes only dropper. France does not get much more than 100 per month on average since the beginning of the year: 790 exactly in eight months, for nearly 4,000 applications. Without these precious sesames, no expulsion is possible for the undocumented, that is to say those who have destroyed or lost their paper and whose nationality must be established. […]

Not enough places in CRA for removals

It is not Europe that will come the solution, at least in the short term. On the thorny issue of the Dublines, for example, no agreement has yet been found for an equitable distribution of cases to be handled between the member countries of the Union. All these topics will relentlessly mobilize the teams of the new minister.

To achieve material removals, France had last year only 1,700 places in administrative detention centers (CRA). These should increase slightly thanks to the creation of 200 to 300 “modular” places. But in the opinion of the prefects themselves, it is still too little. On the subject of migration, France seems to be able to act only marginally. Can Christophe Castaner really move the lines? The challenge for him will be immense.


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