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Images Of The Scuffles In Paris Upstream Of The Concert Of The Congolese Singer Héritier Watanabe!

While a singer from the Democratic Republic of Congo was scheduled on the evening of 15 July at the Olympia, protesters from the Congolese diaspora, accusing him of being in favor of their president, provoked clashes in Paris.

Images of the scuffles in Paris upstream of the concert of the Congolese singer Héritier Watanabe© Ruptly

French police used tear gas in the Opera district in Paris on the afternoon of July 15 to put an end to the excesses of demonstrators from the Democratic Republic of Congo’s diaspora (DRC). They intended to make their opposition to the holding of a concert at the Olympia of Heir Watanabe , an artist whom they accuse of being close to the President of the DRC Joseph Kabila.


The Paris police prefecture finally decided to ban the show, because of these “unacceptable outbursts”.



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