“I’m Uncomfortable In My Own Skin” – Nigerian Lady Laments After Facing Rejections And Insults Due To Her Dark Skin



A young Nigerian lady has taken to social media to lament after facing several rejections and insults due to her skin colour.


The beautiful lady, Mariam Besty Sule who is dark skinned, revealed that the society has made her so uncomfortable in her skin, that she resorted to editing her photos before posting them on social media platforms.



According to her she has lost several job opportunities due to her complexion and some people jokingly call her names like “black board”.




In a lengthy Facebook post, she wrote,

“I’m very uncomfortable in my own skin, I edit my pictures lighter than my skin color because of how the society makes me feel about it,” she wrote on Thursday, February 18.

“A lot of time I was called different names as joke, but I noticed I was actually affected by it.. the ridiculous jokes of “black board or color of their black shirt” or you’re too black, I can’t give birth to a black child.

“I’ve gotten rejected for jobs because of my skin color and got insulted jokingly.

“Stop saying hurtful things to black women under the disguise of joke because they are colorist statements and you are a colorist,”

“Black is beautiful and I’ve learnt to love it and you will respect it.
Black is beautiful and deserves to be in all shows!”


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  1. What a shame that society allows the minority views of beauty dominate the majority. Our African sisters should treasure the beauty of their dark skin. This young lady is beautiful. I hope she doesn’t allow a few negative experiences to discourage her and damage her self-esteem. Love the pure, natural, God-given melanin in your skin.

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