“I’m Sick Of It!”: Two Open Letters From Brigitte Bardot To Emmanuel Macron Remained Unanswered

"I'm sick of it!": Two open letters from Brigitte Bardot to Macron remained unanswered© stringer Source: Reuters
Brigitte Bardot in tears during a conference against the 2006 seal hunt in Ottawa, illustration

In a statement to AFP on December 26, Brigitte Bardot, emblematic French actress known for his involvement in the defense of animal rights, criticizes President Emmanuel Macron: “The animal cause is the fifth wheel of the presidential coach! I’m fed up !”

In her statement, Brigitte Bardot in particular squirmed the last presidential walk in the Loir-et-Cher: “We went very bad with this government. Macron has no compassion for animals and nature: in Chambord, he has just congratulated hunters before their game still hot! It’s scandalous and very out of place! ”


An open letter to the president to make his case heard … “before joining Johnny”

The former star of the sixties takes the pen and will see his gallery published December 27 in the newspaper Le Parisien , according to information from L’Obs . His new open letter to the French government supports the launch of a campaign against the fur trade.

In its open letter, the passionara of seal pups lists European countries that have banned hunting, the slaughter of animals without stunning, the feeding of geese and ducks, the exploitation of animals in circuses, and the breeding for fur … Then she asks: “And France?”

Before joining Johnny, I’d have to have at least one satisfaction. I can not anymore

In her statement to AFP, she talks about her disappointment with the Minister of the Ecological and Solidarity Transition, Nicolas Hulot, and deplores the lack of echoes of his previous missives: “I wrote two open letters to Macron . I had no answer. I am also very disappointed by the way Nicolas Hulot is getting caught up in a government that does not care about ecology. ”

Finally, the one that Serge Gainsbourg called BB laments the passage of time and recalls the flame of another idol yéyé years: “It is a desolation for me. I am 83 years old. I do not have much time. Before joining Johnny, I’d have to have at least one satisfaction. I can not anymore. It’s discouraging…”


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