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“I’m Not Tired,” Says Museveni After 33 Years at the Head of Uganda

75-year-old Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni said he was not tired of running the country’s presidency after 33 years in power.

The Ugandan president, who came to power on January 29, 1986, revealed in an open letter published on his blog that he deliberately lost weight by getting rid of the fat accumulated in his body because the doctors had not clearly explained the mistake of not fighting fat. “

It read in part, “I am not tired at all. However, I deliberately lost weight by eliminating the fat that I had allowed to accumulate in my body because the doctors did not clearly explain the mistake of not fighting fat. “

He then promised: “In the future, I will explain this awareness.


“I went from 106 kg to 76 kg now. I will stabilize my weight at 76 kg because it is the one that corresponds to my height of 5.7 feet. “

Musveni added that his “involvement in political struggles is for historical missions of patriotism (love of Uganda), pan-Africanism (love of Africa), socio-economic transformation and democracy.

Why? It is for prosperity through the integration of markets, for strategic security and fraternity in Africa.

Museveni also revealed that all but one of his children had chosen the private rather than the public sector.

The Ugandan leader, who promised to discuss the “anti-obesity campaign” in his next article on a blog, said all his children had started their careers in the livestock industry.


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