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“I’m Married But I’ve Loved Another Man for 20 Years” – Cameroonian Woman

I am married to my man but I have never stopped loving someone other than him and it lasts 20 years. My husband is lovely, caring and very kind.


We are both Cameroonian and have 3 children, two girls and a boy.


I do not know if there is a man like that on earth but mine is a gift from heaven. He takes care of my mother as if she were her own mother.

I am an only child and on my wedding day, my husband offered me a 4-4 car to thank me for what I brought him in life.

Indeed, before we get to this level, he suffered a lot before finding a suitable job and I was with him relentlessly.

Today, despite all the happiness he gives me, I can no longer stand his hand on me. I have kept this in my heart for 20 years of marriage but I can not stand it anymore.

I am always in love with my ex who abandoned me after taking my virginity. I learned later from a friend’s mouth that he had gone to study in Europe.

Today He has become a cadre, he has invested in business that works well here in Cameroon.

As I was going shopping once a month, I met him in a super market and we reconnected.

He invited me one evening, two nights and it became routine. I confessed he never forgot and the real problem is that I leave my husband to live with him.

This idea does not displease me at all since my heart still belongs to him, I am really lost help me please.


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  1. Sister you were abandoned for 20 years. Someone else came showed you and your family real love.

    And you are now a mother of three you have not asked of help on what will become of the family you n your husband have build in the absence of your x.

    Ask your self this question?

    Were you honest to tell your present husband that you were not in love with him from the start.

    And are you sure your x will do the same if the the situation is been reversed…

    If your x did not become successful would you have even thought of listening to him.

    If tommorow you son’s wife do same to him what will be your reaction.

    If your daughter do the same to her husband who loves you n take care of u ,if it will be ok.

    And lastly his your x ready to accept the complete package that’s you n your three kids.

    If not what will become of the family you have build for the past 20years.

    After these you can then open up for public opinion.

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