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“I’m Homeless and Can’t Afford Food to Eat,” – Muhammad Ali’s Only Son Cries Out

Muhammed Ali Junior, the only biological son of late Muhammed Ali, has voiced out on the hardship he is being made to suffer. The 45-year-old man who is homeless has become needy.

Barely a year after his father’s death, things have gotten worse as the son of the legendary boxer has accused his family members of not giving him an equal share of his father’s 62m fortune.

The poor man revealed that he has only been given a pitiable sum of £2,000 in the last two months. Being homeless did not make things easy for him either as he presently sleeps on the floor at his friend’s place in Florida.

Ali Junior also stated that there was a meeting held in California. The meeting was graced by his seven sisters, adopted brother Asaad, and the will executor which happens to be 59-year-old Lonnie, the fourth wife of Muhammed Ali. Lonnie was married to the boxing legend for thirty years.

The poor man said he feels like he has been completely cut off. He does not have a bank account and this leaves them no option than to wire money to him. He stated sadly that his father would not have wanted that.

The only biological son of the legendary boxer said his father would have loved for him to be comfortable and sorted. He also revealed that he had been ostracized from the family and had little or no contact with his father when he was alive.

The 45-year-old man was married to Shaakira and has two daughters, Ameera and Skakera. Ali Junior says he is struggling to make ends meet by cleaning people’s yards and rendering menial services to them. His marriage reportedly got broken a month after his famous father died.

“I stayed with the marriage to see if things can work out, but I had 11 years of complete unhappiness. I love my daughters and I would do anything in the world to be with them. You can ask anybody that know me and they would tell you Muhammad is the kindest, sweetest man they have ever known.” This was his response when asked to talk about the marriage.

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