“I’ll Be Fine”: Donald Trump Assesses His Chances In A Boxing Bout Against Putin

In front of his supporters, in Minnesota on Oct. 4, US President Donald Trump gauged his chances in a possible boxing bout that would pit him against his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump


Denouncing criticism of his foreign policy opponents Democrats – who considered Kim Jong-un too offensive on North Korea and the other too diplomatic towards Russia Vladimir Putin – Donald Trump assumed that they were waiting for him to face his Russian counterpart in a boxing match. “With [President Vladimir] Putin of Russia, [Democrats] said,” He is too kind. ” It was a good meeting, “said the US president at a rally in Minnesota on Oct. 4.

“They want me to play in a boxing match with him,” he continued, causing the audience to laugh. And to confide after a short break, mischievous air: “I think I would be fine.”

Rather specialized in golf, Donald Trump would however have to deal with a black opponent of judo. He could, however, rely on his experience gained on a wrestling ring. But the outcome would not be this time scripted …



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