If Your Boyfriend Uses This App, You Should Dump Him

If Your Boyfriend Uses This App, You Should Dump Him


Just when we thought the opposite sex wasn’t that bad, we were proved wrong.

How, you ask? Well, this: A new app called Frederick is advertising that it will track your girlfriend’s period for you. Not so you can be sympathetic, or bring home tampons for her, no. Instead, the app advises men how to avoid “getting grief” from their PMS-ing lady friend.


Chivalry has not only been officially doomed ‘dead,’ but also trampled by the same stampede that flattened Mufasa (may be rest in peace). How do we know? Well, because the app provides “helpful tips” for men going through the hardship that is having a girlfriend with a uterus. For example, the app actually advises men to not ask your GF if it’s ‘blowjob week’ while they’re having a cycle. BUT WHY WOULD YOU EVER ASK THAT QUESTION, THAT IS INSANE?!?!?

Ladies, if your boyfriend asks you anything like that, or celebrates a lowly holiday called “Steak and Blowjob Day,” I suggest you run fast.

Tips aren’t just insensitive. They’re also ridiculous, like, ”Don’t make her sneeze.” Um, we’re going to have huge clumps of blood coming out of us no matter what we do.

Thankfully this app is only available in the UK, so Americans are clear for now. But if your boyfriend think this app sounds like a good idea, you should rethink your relationship.

And how you value yourself as a woman.


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